Louis Tomlinson Grandfather Keith – Dead #RIPKeith

It is our deep regret to inform the #1D Fandom – grandpa Keith Tomlinson has passed away.  Directioners are sad, and stunned.

Keith Tomlinson described himself on his Twitter profile saying, “I am who I am. Don’t just dream it. MaKEITHappen. Old in years but young at heart and loving life until the day I die. My world is the whole world.” He stepped into the limelight, and won the hearts of One Direction fans when he rejected rumors that his grandson, Louis, was gay. Papa Tomlinson was preceded in death by his loving wife of 47 years Margaret. He cried on Twitter when she died January 2014. “There was never one day in 47 years of being married to me that Mrs T didn’t tell me she loved me…So much love from you for Mrs T. You have been so kind to me today. I thank you all from the bottom of my breaking heart.”