Open Letter To Amber Rose – Work B**ch – Video

Dear Amber Rose,

We know it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by Kimye’s media blitz.  Wiz Khalifa is always on the road, Sebastian hates naps, and it’s hard to find another female in the industry that you can trust.  You tried to tell Hollyweird years ago that Kim Kardashian was a home wrecking slut, but everybody assumed you were just bitter about your split from Kanye West.-ALLCOUNTRY

Now that you have Bash, and a recurring Hip Hop Forbes List tooth pic for a hubby, you’ve shied away from the limelight.  We completely understand that you don’t have paparazzi on speed dial, and a Hollywood last name to skate on, but the game needs you.  When you began dating Kanye West, his popularity increased and he gained fans.  Now that he’s with Kim, fans have accused him of talking funny, and view him as a clown.

We’re happy that you and Wiz are going against the grain by putting family before fame, but it’s time to get back to work #SorryNotSorry.  Start by realizing that you are still that same bad bitch you were before Kanye, Wiz, and Sebastian.  Don’t allow hating blogs (we have to hate, it’s our job), and Kimye’s showmance, make you forget- you elevated the game.  You are perfect Amber, but it’s pertinent that you take advantage of the opportunity God has given you.  Invest in a team, and do like Britney Spears says, Work Bitch.Date night: Amber Rose put her voluptuous figure on display in a sheer mesh top and skirt as she went nightclubbing at Blok with husband Wiz Khalifa on Friday

Where is your confidence?


Hollyweird #Rosebuds