Stuck In 2004: Operation Jamie Foxx – Video

Since Hollyweird labeled Bruce Jenner a She-Ro, we’ve focused all attention on Jamie Foxx.  Who knew Wanda from In Living Color, would go on to win a Golden Globe?  From the racist wreckage in Terrell, Texas to smashing fellow Academy Award winning actresses – Jamie is the epitome of true Hollywood.

Fake hairline, or not- Jamie Foxx is a serious actor and comedian.  The high school football star was always handsome, and funny.  However, Jamie used his charisma and talent to get a scholarship to United States International University, where he studied classical music and composition.  Here’s where it gets weird:

The Jamie Foxx Show, led him to snagging the epic Ray Charles biography.  Close family, and friends claim Django hasn’t been the same since.  Foxx constantly speaks, acts, and emulates, the late Ray Charles.  It’s scary because the film wrapped in 2004.  It was funny at first, but sources connected to Katie Holmes booty call, say it’s spooky now.  Unpredictable is Jamie’s highest grossing album, but he song the album in his Ray character.  Time flies, but not to Foxx.  His Ray Charles acting antics are frightening his loved ones.  Sources claim, Foxx is typecasting himself .

Will there be a Ray Charles Biography 2?  Or does Jamie Foxx need to come with new material, and move the fork on?  Ray Charles was filmed in 2004.  Executives contemplated canceling Foxx when he arrived as Ray at the historic Stevie Wonder tribute in 2015.  Watch below: