Talk Show Queens Lesbian Double Date

Fans have speculated about Oprah, and Gayle’s ‘friendship’ for years.  Gayle King slipped up, and confessed to being gay on air, but that ain’t none of our business.  OWN network has garnered unprecedented accolades. Winfrey held a top secret Hollyweird meeting to officially pass the Talk Show Queen torch.  Stedman was nowhere around.  Gayle readily accepted O’s invite to the induction ceremony.

Weirdos  suggest it was a lesbian double date.  Oprah Winfrey prefers pork bones, but was flattered when Ellen Degeneres suggested an intimate vegan dinner.  Portia de Rossi insisted on joining in, once she realized King was tagging along.  Oprah, and Ellen, are showbiz newest BFFs!  They’ve always admired each other, but Oprah feels like Ellen is her new successor.

Oprah decided to personally issue advice on turning herself into a worldwide brand.  Ellen appreciated Winfrey’s heartfelt suggestions, but was sure to banish Gayle & Portia to another room.  It was partly because Portia’s been pissing her off lately, and partly because she couldn’t stop peeking at Oprah’s cleavage.

Ellen was the 2nd woman in history to grace the cover of  O Magazine, behind Michelle Obama.