Our Favorite Weirdo Hit Up #LAPRIDE And Hung Out With The Whole #MagicMikeXXL Crew

I had so much fun at ‪#‎lapride2015‬ omg. My first gay pride parade, and I lived almost any females dream. I met n hugged Channing Tatum. He was very um “fan considerate” except for running from the float to the getaway van without giving me his autograph. My fault for not thinking about it until AFTER he greeted me tho. So I got Adam Rodriguez’s autograph n thankfully for the kind stranger girl that took the picture and sent me a couple other ones. I must say Hollywood has a very beautiful gay community. Hot people everywhere. Even the festival afterwards was tons of fun! However, after walking like 10 miles my feets wanna fall off. Another great day in L.A. Still letting the fact Channing hugged me sink in….. — at Weho Gay Pride Parade. – Jennifer Lynn