Paris Hilton New Man Is Prettier Than She Is – Meet Jordan Barrett

Why are our panties wet, and peckers hard? IBlameJordan.CUM  Paris Hilton’s money may be old, but she likes her meat young.  Meet 18 year old beauty king, Jordan Barrett.  He models internationally for IMG.

Another billionaire’s kid snitched to Daily Mail Australia: ‘Jordan has been seeing Paris [Hilton], he told me they’re dating, I’m sort of crushed as I quite fancied him myself.’

With jealous tension, the friend added: ‘I don’t want to say too much as he’s such a beautiful soul but he told me they’re dating on and off. He’s really into her, he’s a little bit smitten, really.’

Jordan’s parents, Allison Cale and Adrian Barrett, are million dollar Kush dealers in Australia. They were sentenced to eight years in the pen by Southport District Court.    Paris Hilton’s new mother-n-law was busted trafficking  granddaddy purple.  Her new father-n-law  is the head of a drug cartel.