Paris Hilton Pregnant?

Paris Hilton is back on the scene with her new hit single ‘Good Time’ featuring Lil Wayne.  Her ex bestie, Kim Kardashian, snatched the limelight for a few years, but Hilton wants it back.

 Paris surprisingly decided to go with a Miley Cyrus costume for this year’s Halloween in Hollyweird.  We love Paris because she’s the founder of this generation’s fame whores.  After she spent a few minutes in jail, and her Papa threatened to cut her out the family’s zillions of dollars, she got real boring.

 Take the outfit she wore to be honored with a star on the Walk of Fame.  Sadly, it wasn’t Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, but so what?  This is the twerking Rihanna nation.  Paris knows damn well she has to put that ‘cock on the block’ if she wants to erase the Kardashian tribe.Taking a walk on the wild side: Paris Hilton visits the town of Mytishchi, just outside Moscow, on Saturday to unveil a star in her honour

The dress Paris Hilton wore was great, if you’re headed to a church banquet.  The opaque tights, and Wendy Williams hair…no mam.  If Hilton wants to solidify her new found role as Young Money’s ‘token white chic’, she needs to aggressively step her game up.Star attraction: Paris poses at the June shopping mall looking sophisticated in a leopard print wraparound dress

When 2 Chains demanded “where is Paris Hilton? where is Kat Stacks” (I Luv Dem Strippers) he was talking about old Paris, who didn’t give a damn.  What happened Paris? We’re tired of the Nicole Richie mommy swag.

 Why did Paris wear a plain dress, and granny tights to such a big time event?  Is Paris hiding a secret?