Penny Marshall Carrie Fisher Lesbian Lovers – New Laverne And Shirley

Nobody in Hollywood admitted to being gay in the past.  Today, it’s the new trend.  Rumors claim Penny Marshall is next to jump out the closet.  ‘Weirdos’ have convinced her that coming out will revive her career like it did for Doogie Howser.  Everyone in Hollywood knows Marshall has been bumping kittens with Star Wars Carrie Fisher since forever.  The world has changed, and gays are embraced in this town.  Being in the closet is so 2013.   Penny has been doing a little movie directing in her senior years, so her persona could use a boost.  Young people don’t know a lot about Laverne & Shirley.

Penny has been more confident every since she beat cancer.  She has a daughter, and two ex- husbands, but feels Carrie still gets slippery when wet.  Carrie was a dope fiend when she was young, and is also a divorce victim.  They love each other, and are extremely happy together in their old age.  They don’t give a fork what people, or their kids may say.