Photo- Video Wheelchair Bound and Depressed #Pray4Potus

Barack Obama secretly relies on a wheelchair behind closed doors.  America has watched the presidential legend grow antique.   Stress from his daughters’ puberty, and scrapping with the GOP has him depressed, and brittle.  Hollyweird once loved him.  He, and Michelle were the perfect couple.  Nasty fights, and his dedication to ObamaCare has him sleeping alone with a cock stiffer than Nicki Minaj and Kim booty.

Barack Obama is desperately trying to hide a horrible cancer secret.  When he nearly slipped exiting Air Force 1 – secret service noticed his weakness and fatigue.  Some suspect the POTUS is undergoing confidential radiation treatments for lung cancer.  Obama was not only a Kush head, but he smoked ciggs too.

His marriage is in shambles, and he’s fighting throat cancer.  Obama thinks we all hate him. His body is frail, and his nicotine patch makes him itch.   The Tom Brady diss was the last straw.

NYPost– Last week, the Super Bowl champion Patriots visited the White House and quarterback Tom Brady did not make the trip, citing a family commitment.
But some evidence suggests the no-show was a form of protest.
According to ESPN Boston, Brady was at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass., last Thursday, the same day his teammates made the trip to the White House.
It’s possible a comment made by White House press secretary Josh Earnest making fun of Brady’s public relation skills is the reason why Brady snubbed the president.

Ain’t that a bitch? Obama’s Pastor Jeremiah Wright tried to warn us years ago.