Plasma For Gas Money

An economy car with a crooked Uber sign in the window, was stranded out of gas in front of a California plasma donation center.  Does Obama Care?  Students like Jessica Wade, donate blood twice a week to clap with her full time Starbucks gig.  It’s hard to be legit, and still pay your rent.  Until we ‘make it’, we flip around Hollyweird with a gas can in the passenger seat.  Floating around town on fumes, and a bootleg inspection sticker- you’re lucky if you have a rare blood type.  Then, Biomat USA will pay you big bucks to drink your blood at Hotel Transylvania.

Jessica Wade has developed scar tissue on her arms like a druggie from so many needle pricks. The 25-year-old “Dirtbag” is studying to be a teacher, works full time at Starbucks, lives in an efficiency sized apartment, but still has to  donate plasma twice a week.

“No one who’s working full time should be struggling in poverty,” Wade told Los Angeles Times.

It’s horrible.  America hasn’t fully recovered from the Bush Administration.  Plasma Donation centers are more, and more packed everyday.  People are forced to donate blood for money.  It’s not just college kids, it’s older people too.  Does it cost to go to work, or nah?  Weirdos are dropping their egos, and lounging in recliners with 17 inch gauge needles draining their pride.  Thousands pack the blood center lobbies and parking lots.  Most times, with kids in tow.

Veterans,Unemployed, under- employed, impoverished citizens, help make the plasma business a $20 billion industry.  Some use the cash for Kush, others, to pay bills.  The body fluid is used to manufacturer drugs, and treat medical disorders.  We call them blood ‘donors’, but the blood is for sale.  It’s disturbing to see so many people destitute and hopeless.

LA Times

The going rate for plasma donation, which can take a couple of hours, is about $25 or $30. But Octapharma is offering $50 for the first five visits, and a poster in the lobby says: “Donate 10X by the end of October for a chance to win a TV!!!”