Please Miss Us With The #PrayForFlorida Shenanigans and #DontTrustRedCross

Broke - 50Social media, and various news outlets, are in a scuffle to cover breaking news threatening Florida. The entire state and some bits of Georgia and South Carolina are on storm watch. Most residents are stuck in traffic, piled on I-10, desperate to evacuate. Nothing can stop the wrath of mother nature. It is the worst storm to hit Florida in over a decade, and people are in fear of their lives.

We too intend to pray for Florida, but we have a problem with celebrities using the hash tag to gain popularity and Instagram likes. Why aren’t all the super rich aristocrats lending a hand to help those in need? Pawn your jewelry, lend your private jets, open your mega mansions to the needy…please? Even after Hurricane Matthew ravishes Florida, people will still need your help. A few bottles of water won’t do. We can’t trust American Red Cross to disburse your donations. Since collecting $500 million in charity aid, they’ve only built 6 homes in Haiti. There are more people with average salaries granting the less fortunate with help, than there are celebrities actually giving a damn.

Where Yo Azz Was At- Gates, Buffet, 50 Cent, Zuckerberg, Diddy, Huffington….


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It’s funny…when I was in high school, my grades were always mediocre. My focus wasn’t on getting the highest GPA in class. I was focused on getting my mother off of drugs and my father out of prison. This is my testimony! I wouldn’t be rated one of the top, most influential entertainers in the world if I never told you the road I had to travel for me to get to where I am. Now, I look around and all of my employees have Masters degrees and 4.0 GPA’s. It’s one thing to be book smart but, it’s another thing to have the intelligence and wisdom to surround yourself with a team of smart and driven people to help sustain your success! Sitting in my handmade luxury lounge cube… counting my blessings; in the comfort of my custom private beach, laced with the softest sand you can find. Imported from Caladesi Island, exclusively for my multi-million dollar tropical estate. I have one of my executive chefs, putting together a gourmet spread made for a King. Ultimately, when you think about it… this isn’t bad for an $800,000,000 drop out!

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Celebrities and entertainers get all gung ho, trying to impress their Twitter followers on SnapChat. They are quiet AF, when it’s time to stand up and use the cash to actually make a difference and save lives.