Powerball Winning, William Seeley- ‘Duck Dynasty’ Wanna-Be – Cursed By Multi-Million Dollar Pay Out


Powerball Winning, William Seeley- ‘Duck Dynasty’ Wanna-Be – Cursed By Multi-Million Dollar Pay Out


Channeling Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, super blessed Powerball winner,William Seeley, claimed his lottery prize wearing a long beard, a straw hat, and a t-shirt advertising the hit reality show. “I’ve had this look way before Duck Dynasty” he told National Enquirer. He’s adamantly denied stealing Phil’s swag. Seeley was obviously, ‘Happy! Happy! Happy!’ Who wouldn’t be? This goon walked away with 3.8 million dollars.


Totally overwhelmed by instant super stardom, he promise he’d “retire to a log cabin on multiple acres of land”  with his winnings. Now Willie could finally live off the land, just like the stars of everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure, Duck Dynasty.


Duck Dynasty is about family values, God, and country…and of course hunting and fishing. All these things are important to me.”


The Dale Earnhardt Jr. memorabilia collector is twerking to a different tune nowadays. Winning that enormous amount of cash proved more of a burden, than a blessing. Willie has joined a laundry list of lottery winners who are plagued by the Louis Vuitton jackpot earnings.


Is it really so bad, being so freaking rich?  Just disappear,” he said, warning the latest Powerball winner. “Get lost while you still can.”


There are days I wish we were back to just getting paid every two weeks,” Willie complained recently. “You have to change your whole way of life, but we didn’t want to change the way we lived. We liked the way we lived.” His wife Donna called the winnings, “the curse”, but wouldn’t dare mention giving it back (or letting us hold something).


Do you gamble, or enter lotto contest? Will the cash solve all your problems? The drama is nonstop.” let William Seeley tell it. After taxes he had less than $4 million, which, as he put it, “ain’t sh-t in today’s economy.”


““I pulled a .357 magnum on the last fellow who came walking up the driveway,” he said. “That seemed to work, but the phone won’t stop ringing. National Geographic, A&E, Ryan Seacrest Productions” — uh oh! Kim Kardashian may have some competition!