President Jimmy Carter Supports Richie Incognito Paula Deen And Julianne Hough?

Jimmy Carter is the type of flea bag that will steal your watch, and then tell you the time.  These days, he’s preaching Sunday school, pretending that being the 39th president of the United States hasn’t changed him.

 He, and his wife, Rosalynn Carter, took the time to get in character for Mark. K. Updegrove.  President, and Mrs. Carter’s views of todays’ world was cheap wine on a Monday morning.  

When questioned about his alleged defense of the Paula Deen racial scandal, Carter replied, “She’s a very close friend.  I told her she ought to publicize what she’s done for very poor people in Savannah, more than two-thirds of whom are African American.  She said she’d done that.  What she did was admit that almost every southerner of her age would have to admit- that sometimes in their lives they probably used the word.  I’m not making an excuse- I don’t need to.”

If you give a homeless man a buck, is it okay to say, “you worthless piece of sh*#” while you do it?

Americans want to fork people outside their social class, and culture.  We all pretend racism is over, and people like Julianne Hough (a Hollyweird non-factor) feel it’s okay to wear black face.  Several unarmed black teens have been in killed in Florida post Trayvon Martin’s unjustified murder.

Do you agree with Jimmy Carter, and Paula Deen?  Are we all racist low key?  What about Richie Incognito?  Why is it okay for blacks to refer to each other as ‘ni@!’ but not anyone else?