Prettiest Kardashian Sister Spotted With New Guy!

Kris Jenner may be a drunken hot mess, but you have to admit she’s beautiful.  She gave her daughters the gift of beauty.   Her show’s cancellation didn’t stop her Hollyweird hustle, so her next move is Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s Kardashian spinoff!

Kim Kardashian has allowed Kanye West to pimp her career for now, and Khloe Kardashian is shopping for a new black millionaire to join the showmance.  Kris is focusing all her energy on Kylie and Kendall.  You’ve heard about Kendall Jenner’s relationship with One Direction’s Harry Styles?  Well Kylie Jenner is doing more than studying Scientology with Jaden Smith.

So close: Jaden Smith putting a crystal necklace on Kylie at Crystalarium in West Hollywood on November 19

‘I don’t have a boyfriend, but I do really want that boyfriend prom experience,’ the 16-year-old told Seventeen Magazine.

When asked who would be the ideal prom hook up she said she  ‘would want to go with one of my best guy friends, like Jaden [Smith]. I know I’d have fun with him – he makes me laugh and he is a great dancer.’

Although Kylie has been spotted hanging out with Jaden plenty of times, remember who her sisters are!


Kylie was spotted with a super cute Eminem ish type.  Certainly he’s some Hollywood executive’s son, and a hood wanna-be.

Caught out? Kylie Jenner is leaving Blue Table in Calabasas after getting lunch with a new mystery male pal on Tuesday


We don’t care if Justin Bieber retires.  All we want is Kardashian this, and Kardashian that.

Maybe he's just a skater boy: Kylie hides her face while her male companion looks on after a lunch date in Calabasas