Prince William And Kate Middleton Put Prince George Before Economic Struggle And ObamaCare

Is it too much for Britney Spears to name her new album ‘Britney Jean’?  Will Chris Brown be dancing from behind bars?  Can you believe a politician publicly slammed us broke ass citizens for worrying about Prince George of Cambridge?  He called our interest “stomach-churning”.


“Spare us the sycophancy” wondered why anyone gave a damn about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s beautiful son.  Tom Copley suggested politicians wasted  “valuable Parliamentary time” with all the faking, shaking, “unctuous fawning and sycophancy”.

Prince George is almost as important as North West.  Tony must be popping molly.  Or maybe he does have a point?  “Amid the crises of the civil war in Syria, the ever growing cost of living and Britain’s economic woes they managed to find an hour or so to congratulate two very wealthy aristocrats for procreating.”

Adding a crazy gunman to LAX, Prince William and Kate Middleton were spied on by News of the World investigators who hacked their mobile phones.  We hope it was Halloween, because documents claim Prince William showed up to a party as a ‘bond girl’ in 2006!

If you love Prince George, leave a comment.  If you feel like Tom Copley, we still love you.