Producer Rico Love Subliminal Diss To __________

I’m 32 & I realize that hanging around & mimicking a bunch of 20yr olds won’t make me 20 again. It’ll just make me look like a ridiculous 32y.o . When I was a kid I looked up to the guys who came before me . Now I see GREAT men mimicking children. What the fuck part of the game is that????? When did that become the way? I believe that we should feed off the energy of the youth but imagine if Frank Sinatra was walking around with a double cup and blunt behind his ear! What if Aretha Franklin made a twerk song. Kids don’t respect the greats because the greats are too busy trying to “fit in!” I wouldn’t respect ya’ll asses either! Be who you are!!! Own that shit! ‪#‎TTLO‬ – Rico Love