More Proof That Rasheeda Knew About Kirk Baby – Video Evidence

Jasmine Washington Kirk Frost

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost are desperate to maintain their slot on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.  Fans have often accused the duo of creating fake drama to boost ratings with phony story lines.  We’re unsure how well Rasheeda’s clothing store is doing, but her rap career is Whitney Houston.  Instead of living on their actual income budgets, Rasheeda has allowed Kirk to go get some stripper groupie pregnant.  She gave him an inch, and he took a mile.

Fans slashed Kirk Frost after rumors of his infidelity addiction hit air waves.  Some viewers even blamed Rasheeda for setting a bad example for young black women.  We hoped this was all a lie to keep Mona Scott Young happy.  Why would Jasmine have a baby by a married man?  Side chics have side babies…right?  Rumors claim Kirk was happily married with kids when he met young, aspiring rapper, Rasheeda.  What goes around comes around.  Watch the video below and hear how Rasheeda conspired to keep her relevancy in Hollyweird.


Roommate Talk Posts Are 100 Percent User SUBMITTED And We Cannot Confirm With 100 Percent Certainty The Validity of These Stories. Sip tea wisely. _____________________________________ Dear TSR, Let me tell you the true tea behind #KirkFrost’s relationship with Jasmine, and just so yall know … Kirk IS the father!! I know this for a fact because I’m Rod’s assistant and Rasheeda’s niece. Even when Rod got back from jail he hit me up because he wanted me to start working with him again and had to catch me up on everything. He began to tell me everything about Jasmine messing with Kirk and the baby; he showed me receipts ( text messages, video etc)! He didn’t know Rasheeda was my aunt so I instantly got mad and told him I was gonna call her and tell her everything and I surely did! It was all good til the show reached out to me. Rasheeda got so upset and begged me not to do the show because they wanted to keep this on the low until the show was done filming. Kirk even had the nerve to tell her not to talk to me because I was recording everything just in case I needed the receipts and sure enough I did! Kirk and Rasheeda paid Logan (Jasmine’s ex) to say he was — read more at (link in bio) (swipe for more and catch the full video on Twitter/

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