Proof That California Streets Are Paved With Gold

You want to move to California so badly, but you wonder what on earth you’d do for a living.  Amir Soltani has all the answers, with his new compassionate documentary, Dogtown Redemption.  The story is an in-depth look at how California’s hustlers manage to make money from recycling.

Filmmaker Amir Soltani, right, with recycler Dee in Oakland

Alliance Recycling pays cash for scrap metal, and aluminum.  Most is spent on dope, liquor, and sex.  How else can we forget how broke we are?

LATimes Reports

Where many saw dank and sticky chaos, the pair found the underside of the green economy and a subculture of enterprise, where recyclers closely guarded routes built on long-cultivated relationships.

“People think we’re robbers, stealers, drunks,” Brister-Sanders said. “This film sheds some light on what we do. It’s showing that we are all taking part in society.”


Will the fairy tales of California’s rich soil, convince Sundance?