Proof That Jennifer Lawrence Is An Antisocial Weirdo


CelebDirtyLaundry (Hollywood Times):

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood have credited Jennifer Lawrence with being the best thing since sliced bread. Rolling Stone called her “the most talented young actress in America.” In a world of media savvy twerkers, we refer to as celebrities, it’s awesome to be reminded that true talent is scattered through the sea of scripted ‘reality’ shows.

Vogue had the opportunity to sit and get tipsy with, the one and only, Jennifer Lawrence. Unlike Hollywood’s other Jennifer’s, this one has raw talent. Although her resume boasts both the X-Men, and Hunger Games franchise, she’s working like the rent is overdue. Lawrence spent the whole summer in Montreal shooting the 5th X-Men with her X boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult. Recently she’s been working on the 2nd Hunger Games, and Catching Fire (coming out in November). As if she’s not exerting herself enough, she even sandwiches in American Hustle (she’ll be ‘Rosalyn’ Christian Bale’s wife). The Silver Linings victory lap didn’t give her whiplash, but some Hollywood haters are worried about her over achievements. Despite her success, J-Law insist on staying down to earth.

I’m really just starting to feel like a monkey in a zoo”, she told Vogue. The fame is blowing her mind. “I teeter on seeming ungrateful when I talk about this, but I’m kind of going through a meltdown about it lately.” The Kentucky bred beauty is pretending to be irked by fame.

Jennifer, a self professed, “weirdo”, admits to always having “anxiety, and a different sense of humor.” She sheepishly confessed to always knowing she was “going to be famous.” Her parents quickly realized that she didn’t need “therapy, and all this medication”. Lawrence just needed to let her light shine.

Maybe she is overwhelmed by fame, but she’s definitely excelling in her natural element. “Right now I’m just a big fan of windows. I stand at my window at my hotel in Montreal. Like it will be hours. It’s the only time I can look at big groups of people, and they’re not looking at me.”

Any Hollywood starlet would kill to be in demand like Jennifer. At least she’s not waiting for the phone to ring like Lindsay Lohan. Is she being an ungrateful snob like Kristen Stewart? Or, as Jodie Foster puts it, she has to deal with the “tragic and the comic side” of being a real life, pre-Kardashian- movie star?