Quincy Jones Getting Married!

These hoes ain’t loyal.  That’s why Quincy Jones waited until he was physically unfit to have sex or fun to marry a 4th time.  Cassie may be Diddy’s forever fiance, but Quincy has grown bald, and tired of being alone.  All the high class prostitutes are a waste of Viagra.  They only pretend to enjoy the smell of Ben-Gay.

Certainly Quincy Jones ex-wife, Peggy Lipton, didn’t get colon cancer from a ritzy boutique on Melrose Ave.  She went to the doctor for a regular colonoscopy.  She came out with a tumor and stage 3 cancer.  Rashida and Kidada Jones have been overwhelmingly supportive.  The medical scare strengthened the family, and reunited Quincy with Peggy.  Jeri Levine must be appalled sucking her dentures.  She assumed Jones was incapable of loving anyone outside of himself.  A baby could tell Ulla Andersson was just there for the limelight, and money.  Jones love for Peggy was always sincere.  The Mod Squad blonde saw the weirdo beneath the fame, and fortune.  Rashida Jones is working overtime to hook her parents back up.  They’re both old, and lonely.  Plus Rashida is sick of Tinseltown’s thots treating him like a has been.

Jones pulled some strings and bought Rashida a slot on TBS.  Tribeca was written and directed by Office star, Steve Carell.  Daddy dollars didn’t hesitate to star as Rashida’s dad on the show.  Guess who’s playing Rashida’s mom?  Pot head interns whisper that all the quality time spent with the love of his life has rekindled an old flame.  Since nobody else genuinely wants Quincy Jones withered balls, why not remarry Peggy Lipton?