Randy Travis Must Choose- Mary Beougher Or Grand Ole Opry

They were both married when they first started smashing naked head.  Nobody brought more shame to the Grand Ole Opry like Randy Travis.  Libby Hatcher wasted her youth, and still hasn’t healed from the pain of the embarrassing divorce.  Mary Beougher caught her slipping.  She’s been stroking the handsome country crooner’s cock, and ego every since.

Randy Travis, Dolly Parton, Janie Fricke

Randy Travis divorced quickly.  19 years was nothing to the Forever& Ever mega star.  He bragged to his buddies how he’d marry Mary ASAP.   She was his dentist’s wife.  He couldn’t ignore her  sweet titts, and a tight colon for his itty bitty pecker.  Mary doesn’t mind his hard partying ways.  She’s been married 100 times, so she knows how to keep a husband.  Nashville wonders if Beougher will cut her losses.  Randy can’t really turn up anymore since a stroke nearly took him out.

Randy Travis still hasn’t put a ring on Mary.  The $10 million dollar home they share echoes with loneliness.  Her own kids resent the life she traded for fame.  Hatcher, and Randy had one of the most successful marriages in the music industry.  16 #1s to be exact, and numbers don’t lie.  Will adultery, divorce, and drinking be Travis’ legacy?  Taylor Swift recently refused to do a comeback duet with him.  Who can bring Randy Travis back?  Randy Jackson?