Foster Agency Squanders Millions On Vacays Cars & Fine China

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CSJ Kidogo, and his wife, Kitaji Kidogo stole millions from Angelenos.  Little People’s World, a non-profit agency, was paid millions to provide foster care to under privileged Dodger kids.  Instead, money was spent on tropical vacations, luxury cars, fine China, and fake employees.  Not only did the weirdos squander millions of donated funds, they abused the children.  Pray for kids in foster care.

Los Angeles county was duped into believing the Kidogo’s had good intentions.  Government officials sent California state plenty of red flags, but the millions are spent now.  Hell A county is accusing the Kidogo’s of embezzling Donald Trump ish money.  The Department of Children and Family Services are constantly letting kids die anyway.  It took LA Times to put that azz on blast!  They stole the money, and beat the kids too!

In 2011, state regulators reviewed surveillance video of Little People’s World staffer Rashard McMorris dragging a 6-year-old across the floor and into another room. He was given a two-day suspension and training on how to respect foster youths’ rights, according to county investigation reports.

Two years later, the records show, investigators from the California Department of Social Services reviewed another video of McMorris pushing an 11-year-old into a wall. The force of the child’s head hitting the wall left a hole in the drywall, the records state. McMorris received training on emergency intervention techniques and was placed on conditional employment status under a plan approved by the state, according to the county reports. – Continue