Red Lobster Clapped Back To Anti Beyhive

Beyonce is the best thing to happen to Red Lobster since all the Long John Silver’s apparently closed (hey, I haven’t seen one in years).

The fast seafood chain received an unexpectedly sexy shout-out in Bey’s “Formation” (“When he f*ck me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster”), which reportedly increased sales by 33 percent the day after the song was released.

It also prompted a widely-retweeted response from Red Lobster.

Most of the replies were positive — we love Beyonce, we love cheddar biscuits, we love slowly becoming salty corpses — but others, not so much. As SNL perfectly lampooned in “The Day Beyonce Turned Black,” some (white) people are not pleased with Red Lobster’s kinship with the former Destiny’s Child standout, because #BoycottBeyonce. In their minds, eating at Red Lobster means supporting noted cop-hater Beyonce, or something. – Yahoo News

But Red Lobster clapped back: