Who is Responsible For Indiana and Austin AIDS HIV Epidemic?

Boko Haram attack-Children burned alive in NigeriaCommunity and political activist, Michael Moore, deemed the Flint water crisis “intentional genocide.” We’re struggling to comprehend how the urban cities of Indiana became infested with HIV AIDS. One of the largest disease outbreaks  in United States history, has crippled the the most Bible thumping, rural town in America. It’s so many people with AIDS in Indiana, The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning alerting everyone of the potential monster lurking in lust.

Is it just a coincidence that most of the infected come from poor communities, riddled with drugs and poverty? Most of Flint’s victims were equally deprived of decent medical coverage, and addicted to food stamps and welfare.

“The conditions that led to this outbreak could happen throughout the United States,” says Jerome Adams, Indiana’s state health commissioner.

“It’s not only possible; it’s probable it will happen somewhere else,” adds Austin Clerk Treasurer Dillo Bush. “And … it could get out of control very quickly.”

Although Austin, Texas population is less than 5000, they have more HIV AIDS outbreaks than “any country in sub-Saharan Africa,” says CDC Director Tom Frieden. “They’ve had more people infected with HIV through injection drug use than in all of New York City last year.”

Police shooting unarmed black men is causing way too much attention.  Cell phone videos busted too many cops committing abuse against young ninjaz.  Now it seems, Scott County (Indiana) is being wiped off the map- just like Flint, Michigan.  10 people have been arrested for distributing the powerful drugs that fueled Indiana’s AIDS epidemic.  Everyone accept US Attorney, Josh Minkler, has accepted responsibility.  We don’t know how to make prescription pain-murderer, Opana.  Somebody taught Uncle June-Bug to liquefy Opana, and shoot it up by injection.  All of the needle sharing, and sex, left everyone in Scott County with AIDS.  You’d just better hope they don’t use their SSI check to buy a ticket to your city, and start a new life.