Rihanna Joins Blood Gang To Prove Her Love To __________

Executives at Colombia thought it was cute to sneak and release Beyonce’s new album, but fellow heavy hitters, Taylor Swift and Rihanna are livid.  The only reason Rihanna is allowing Beyonce to shine, is because she’s focused on rekindling her old flame with Chris Brown.

Brown is super sexy, and his career is on fire.  Sadly, Chris is facing jail time because he violated court orders with his nasty temper.  He not only sucker punched an outspoken fan, but he became enraged at his mother for dropping him off at rehab.   ‘Industry Poochie’, even snuck to visit Chris recently in rehab according to some reports.  People say Brown’s barbaric attitude is from hanging with the wrong crowd.

Hollywood insiders exclusively tell THT that Rihanna ‘does not want anybody else.’  Although they’ve grown up, and tried to move on, Breezy is Rih Rih’s ‘everything’.  Lately, Chris Brown has embraced the Los Angeles gang culture.  Brown has been very vocal about his Blood gang affiliation.  He spray painted ‘Piru’ on a wall in Hawaii.

Karrueche Tran hates Rihanna, but they’ve agreed to share Chris for now.  Rihanna has raised the stakes on the bid for Breezy’s heart. She has a gold grill, and a red rag now.   Has Rihanna reduced herself to joining the Blood gang to prove her loyalty to Chris Brown?