Rih Rih Baby Daddy Revealed

Rih Rih is way too valuable to Hollyweird to stop and have a baby, but you know she wants to do whatever Beyonce does.  We hate believing ratchet websites claiming Rihanna is pregnicito, but it’s starting to look that way.  Rihanna deleted her Instagram, and piped down at Jigga’s request.  Jay wanted to ensure his wifee could own the spotlight with her Drunk in Love wigs.  Recording music, getting high, and bumping poochies with Melissa left Rih vulnerable.  An agency insider spoke EXCLUSIVELY with TheHollyweirdTimes to set the record straight.

“Rihanna is definitely pregnant, but won’t reveal the child’s father.  She doesn’t know whether it’s Jay Z’s, or Leonardo DiCaprio’s! ”

Motherhood swept Rihanna off her feet…literally.  Rih Rih’s been photographed around Hell A looking frumpy, and wearing flats.  More so, as much as Rihanna likes to get turnt, she hasn’t been seen drinking uncontrollably, or puffing piff in a while.  Leo is a known heartbreaker who keeps a harem of model thots to smash at his beckoning call.  He likes Rihanna, but they were just having fun.

Jigga, on the other hand is worried sick.  Rih claimed to be on the pill!  Jay- Z has his hands full, because Beyonce pregnant too!  We all know Rihanna has been smashing Jigga since she 1st joined his Roc Nation team.  Did you know she was letting DiCaprio beat her breaks off?  Look at what this PlayBoy Playmate, Carly Lauren, said: