Rita Ora Jay Z Friends With Benefits #DKNY #MYNY Evidence

Rita Ora has apparently put those cherry red penis peckers to good use.  Although we can’t think of a single hit she’s made, her head game is certified official.  How else can you explain her calculated climb to the D list?  Every since she gave Jigga her virginity- she has a signature nail, and lip color with Rimmel, and a starring role in Fifty Shades of Grey.  Rita has Adidas cutting her checks too.  She modeled for Roberto Cavalli, DKNY, Jeremy Scott, and countless others.  Is Rita Whora giving Jay-Z the same treatment that broke Robert Kardashian’s heart?  Rob nearly committed suicide over Rita’s bleach blonde booty.  Outside of the Kardashians, no one is this successful without displaying their talents.  You may consider hiring Rita’s public relations team.  Now this bitch is the face of Donna Karen’s new fragrance, DKNY, MYNY.  

I see you’ve referred to MYNY as “energy in a bottle”?

I like to think of it as a pulse in a bottle, as a heart. That’s why we created the heart-shaped bottle.

So it’s kind of the opposite of L.A.? What would MYLA be like?

[Lots of] air. And shampoo … but no hair spray.