Rob Kardashian New Crush Revealed #Jealous

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Is Robert Kardashian a down low Labrinth fan?  We all know the sexual indiscretions likely shared between Simon Cowell, and Labrinth.  Rob may not be his new, secret lover.   He’s definitely Timothy McKenzie’s biggest fan.  Jenner claims Rob is still shaken over the embarrassment of losing Rita Ora.  That’s why we’re startled to hear about Robert’s obsession with Labrinth’s music, and Rita Whora’s stinky memories.

Rita broke Robert’s heart.  That’s likely the reason she hasn’t managed to achieve musical success in the US.  “Wouldn’t get any work done. Would end up sleeping with her,” Labrinth quipped about collaborating with Whora.  Rita was smashing Rob, then.  She was too embarrassed, but responded on social media.   “You don’t even have a chance mate. Do u even know what your saying U clearly don’t know how 2 talk 2 women Good luck wit that.”

Fans assume Rita smashed Labrinth, because she smashed everyone else.  Robert Kardashian hasn’t had a real girlfriend since.  He’s afraid to trust anyone.  Kardashian knows a thirsty thot will use his  vienna sausage to make her own name.  Listen to Labrinth’s Jealous below.  Kindly explain why Rob is obsessed.  Is he obsessing over his lost love with Rita Ora.   Or does Labrinth’s fan girls make him #Jealous ?