Robert Pattinson Caught Partying With Strange Woman- Kristen Stewart Suggest Intervention?

Robert Pattinson misses Kristen Stewart so bad, he’s decided to sell their old love nest.  He wasn’t even in the mix for Christian Grey.  Fans were left slippery, and hopeful.  Tabloid’s claim he’s getting over the Trampire with Dylan Penn.  Twi-Hards are worried sick that heartbreak has pushed Pattinson to Zac Efron like, drinking, and drug addictions.  Welcome to Hollyweird.

Everybody gets a little desperate sometimes, but Pattinson reduced himself to sniffing some ‘regular’ kitty.  Just when Clint and Dina Eastwood’s divorce pressured you into losing hope, Robert Pattinson allowed a regular bopper (like you) to run her fingers through his greasy hair.

Holly Doll ‏@HollyFoxox

In LA and just came face to face with Robert Pattinson….. #ThisGirlIsBlessed #PhysicalReactionHappening @ErinRose79

Holly Doll ‏@HollyFoxox25 Oct

At Chateau Marmont…… #NBD #NoBigDeal #Legendary

Is the Chateau Marmont a sober coach for Hollyweird’s washed up entertainers?  Will Rob ever be able to move past his Twilight stain, like Brad Pitt moved on from Gwyneth Paltrow?


 How many drinks will it take to erase Kristen Stewart from his mind?  Does Pattinson need an intervention?