Robert Pattinson Sells LA Home- Dylan Penn Refuses To Visit

Robert Pattinson is trying to smash everyone in Hollyweird to escape his Trampire past with Kristen Stewart.  Twi-Hards were enraptured in the showmance love story.  We’ll never really know if the love was real, or a positive result of method acting.

LA Times reports that Rob is “quietly shopping his Los Feliz house for sale  at $6.75 million”.

He bought the home a couple of years ago,  right around the time he and Kristen were in the peak of their relationship.  Certainly, the home he once shared with the heart crusher brings back painful memories.

Rumors are circulating that his new chic, Dylan Penn (daughter of Sean Penn), is not really feeling all the pressure that comes with being Pattinson’s girlfriend.  Kanye West sold his soul to become a Kardashian, but Penn is not into paying for headlines.

Can you blame Robert for trying to ditch his old pad?  Yes, it has swimming pools, waterfalls, and plastic surgery addicted neighbors.  Sadly, the whole place is a vibe killer, and a gut wrenching reminder of his old love.

Will Robert Pattinson’s infamous relationship with Kristen ever die?  Will selling his home help heal his broken heart?