Robin Williams Spooky Death Secrets

Why was Robin Williams overly suspicious before his death?  Hollyweird admits he was depressed.  We all know he tried rehab days before he hanged himself.  Robin’s showbiz friends were briefly saddened.  All the empty industry love on social media made you blind to the facts.  Williams coroner report proves he didn’t trust his own family, or friends.  We say, Illuminati, but they called it ‘paranoid’.

Marin County autopsy report details Robin Williams sleepless nights.  What was he afraid of?  The anxious A-Lister stopped sleeping with his wife.  That’s why his assistant caught him dangling in his step-son’s room.  Susan Schneider couldn’t stomach Williams tossing, turning, drooling, and babbling in his sleep.  When a loved one has a problem,you supposed to love them harder- but this is Hollywood.

Robin Williams suspiciously bundled his jewelry in a package.  He dropped it off at a friends’ house one day before his death.  Why would Robin be concerned with the safety of his valuables at his own home?  The bedroom was locked,  They had to pick it open.  Assistants noticed he hadn’t come out in a while.  Susan was out shopping as usual.  His toxicology report suggest prescription drug overdose.  Seems to us, somebody advised him of his curtain call.

Williams dedicated  years 30 years to this town.  Zachary & Zelda loved their dad.  We’re the only ones in Hollywood  who really loved him besides them.  Maria, the assistant. may have sincerely loved him too.  After all, she was the one who nurtured, and cared for him.  Williams dumped his 1st wife, for his 2nd wife.  Marsha Garces was Zak’s nanny at first.  Maria was certainly more devastated than Schneider by Robin’s death.