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Fly girl: Rumer Willis hung upside and posed during the aerial workout session

Hollyweird spawn – Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah Willis  stay turnt on social media.  If they aren’t showing their titts, and dying their pregnant hair awful colors- They are singing their way to rehabs.  Bruce Willis is distracted by his 2 year old new baby and wife.  The girls played a humongous part in helping Demi Moore heal from the Ashton showmance.

Tallulah Willis, Twitter

The Willis sisters are demanding their own showbiz platform.  NO! Not because their parents are mega stars.  Rumer Willis keeps in touch with her old step-dad, Ashton Kutcher.  She even met his baby!  She is gorgeous( just like her moma) and the girl can sing!  Baby girl, Tallulah Willis, is the rebel.  She loves to twerk her booty.  Tallulah experimented with several drugs, and has entered rehab TWICE in one year.  Scout Willis is Kimmy.  She showed her titts on a red carpet, and her body is insane.

All good things come in threes: Rumer, 26, Tallulah, 20, and Scout, 23, bonded during a fitness session

#TheWillisSisters weren’t raised in Hollywood.  They aren’t as weird as Willow & Jaden Smith.  Showbiz honchos intend to combine the Idaho wholesomeness with Tinseltown genes.  The Braxton sisters did it…The Kardashians aren’t as openly flawed & funny as they were before fame.