Sabotage Video- Bella Hadid Falls On Michael Kors Runway!

Bella Hadid

Being Gigi’s little sister helped land Bella Hadid the coveted GQ Model of the Year award. In a brutal industry like Hollyweird, rumors suggest Bella was set up for the embarrassing tumble down Michael Kors runway at New York fashion week. Unaffected by Lyme Disease, Bella is hands down, one of the most beautiful women on the planet. She’s The Weeknd’s muse. Bella’s waistline is invisible. All of her friends are fellow celebrities, and kids with wealthy A-list parents. Bella is in talks to do movies, commercials, and film. Fellow models are intimidated by Hadid’s beautiful sister, and unlimited banking account. Is Bella hogging a modeling slot based off industry connections or talent? Did somebody oil the under soles of Bella’s 6 inch heels to wipe her out of the competition?

“I was there and didn’t see her fall,” one onlooker tells Us Weekly. “Audience members faced all different directions for the show, and no one had any sort of audible reaction when she fell.”

She was humiliated, but bounced up and kept killing the catwalk.  Do you think it was sabotage?  Don’t you just HATE Bella Hadid too?