Sad Video – Lamar Odom Best Friend Jamie DEAD From OD

Kim K shockedLamar Odom’s best friend, Jamie Sangouthai committed suicide by intentionally overdosing on Hollyweird heroin.  Save all you empty goodbyes. Any REAL Lamar Odom fan understands the devastation he is experiencing.  LO, a Los Angeles Laker champion,  has suffered tremendous loss his entire life.  We’re uncertain if he can handle another death.  Although, he’s still married to Khloe Kardashian– she’s smashing French Montana.  Bruce Jenner promised Lamar Odom he’d be his dad, but Bruce has been replaced by Caitlynn Jenner.  Rob Kardashian is like a brother to Lamar.  Hopefully, he’s there by his side.  Jamie may have been an NBA groupie, and dope fein to you, but Lamar loves him.  Jamie Sangouthai loved Lamar too.  RIP

Kim Kardashian was always so mean, and snobby to Lamar Odom.  She was so jealous. Khloe was married, but she was not.  Watch her slam Lamar Odom for having funky breath in the video clip below

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