San Antonio Spurs Sabotage Miami Heat With AC Failure

A baby can smell sabotage a mile away.  If you’ve never been to Texas, you cannot imagine the breath taking humidity, 90 degrees will do to your scalp.  San Antonio Spurs pulled a Solange.  They beat the ‘sizzling pride’ from Lebron James, and the Miami Heat.  Game 1 of the NBA Playoff FINALS was plagued by a mysterious ‘broken’ air conditioner.  In the wake of Donald Sterling’s racist rants, we can’t believe the NBA allowed the champion athletes to risk their lives.



A power failure for the electrical systems that run the AT&T Center in San Antonio left the arena without air conditioning for much of the the Spurs‘ 110-95 win over the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night, as players, fans and coaches sweated through an uncomfortable climate.

As the Heat tried to rally back from single-digit deficits late in the fourth quarter, LeBron James left needing help off the floor after having motioned to the bench on at least two occasions to come out earlier in the game, presumably as a result of the conditions within the arena, which reportedly reached 90 degrees.

James scored 25 points in 33 minutes before heading to the locker room.-ESPN