Sandra Bullock Starts Romance With Which Washed Up NFL Star?

Sandra Bullock is suffering from the same thing Halle Berry has- pretty girl, but trashy cat.  She can’t keep a man, and even baby Louis is growing sick of her cookie cutter expectations.  Gravity has Oscar buzz, and George Clooney has Viagra.

Hollywood is filled with devious blood hounds who are willing to fork around, but not be a father figure to Bullock’s child.  Her alleged drunken sex with Clooney was just a desperate attempt to connect.   She briefly hooked up with Troy Aikman from the Dallas Cowboys back in the day, and like TLC, she’s attempting to bring back 1995.

Troy loved Sandra from the moment he saw Speed, but their conflicting schedules kept them apart.  Now they’re both humble, divorced, parents.  Sandra loves sports, and Troy not only works as a sportscaster for FOX, but he’s also part owner of the San Diego Padres.

Insiders claim Sandy is afraid of love, and unwilling to let anyone close to her heart.  She’s loving life as a mother, and has actually become addicted to her vibrator.  Should Bullock give Aikman a chance?  He really wants her, and she deserves to be loved… right?