Say It Ain’t So? Kim and Kendall Take New York

Sunset and Iphone contour

Don’t tell anyone we told you, but chile… Kim and Kendall are taking New York!  Kim Kardashian is determined to own the world.  Instead of focusing on her husband, and family- Yeezy wife is handling business.  She already owns an empire of perfumes, clothes, and makeup.  She gets paid a gazillion dollars just to tweet.  When Kendall Jenner earned more Instagram followers, it caused chaos.   Kim ain’t getting dethroned, especially by a “Jenner”.

Kris Jenner is determined to thot her daughters out, until they’re all billionaires.  She convinced Kim to not feel threatened by her top-model, skinny, little, sister, Kendall Jenner.  Family is family, and this is the perfect time to join forces.  Get ready, Keeping Up With the Kardashians has yet another spin-off.

Kim and Kendall Take New York will feature Kim’s struggle to be a mom, when ‘hoe’ is life.  Kanye will be working near the fancy smancy apartment hotel they’ll rent as the set.  Producers are sure to share plenty of footage of North West, although initially she was too good for KUWTK.  We’ll see behind the scenes footage of Kendall’s catwalk friends Gigi Hadid, and Cara Delevingne.  Most of all, we’ll see Kim nurture Kendall’s new found ego.  Are you watching, or nah?