Scott Peterson Still In Love With Mistress Amber Frey

Remember when Scott Peterson murdered his wife, and unborn child?  Amber Frey, Scott’s seductress- donated the fortune from her best selling book,to greedy shrinks.  Amber’s mind is still blown.  Her daddy, Ron Frey, says she is more crazy than Jaden Smith.   “The ordeal flipped my daughter’s brain upside down and scarred her for life,” he confessed.

According to Ron, Amber “was never right,” after the sexcapade ended.  Love is blind.  Amber feels guilty for still being smitten.  Her mind is stuck in 2002.

“She just hasn’t been able to maintain a relationship since then,” Ron said. “Scott broke her heart, and it’s never been able to be repaired.”

Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson, and explicit testimony, was the nail in Scott’s casket.  He may be sitting on death row, but he still gets love letters from Frey.  Robert Hernandez, Frey’s hubby, is simply her law enforcement protection.  Amber, and Scott share an inexplicable haunted love connection.  Scott has since appealed his conviction.  Amber Frey is shopping for boarding schools out of the country for her two kids.