Sean Kingston Sues TMZ For Car Repo Story

Sean Kingston spent all his advance money on Maliah Michel.  His chubby Mercedes Benz G-Class was repossessed.  Next  his Bentley. Now TMZ is trying to back- track on sad video of his Lamborghini getting snatched. They claim Kingston’s homies were posted on Hollywood and Vine, in LA,  turnt at The SupperClub.

Well Sean Kingston is humiliated.  He’s ghost written too many hits without getting proper credit.  The Lam was a gift!  We all know he’s too broke to pick a fight with Harvey Levin.  He jumped on social media:

All my haters go look at tmz!.. They took there false story down!!.. And I’m suing them for slandering my brand.. Have a blessed day!

Sean shut up, and stop wasting your talent and time, on hungry thots, and fake friends..  Driving a Toyota won’t hurt you.