Did Ashton Kutcher Smash Rumer Willis

Mila Kunis is insecure about Rumer Willis Dancing With the Stars limelight.  Ashton Kutcher hated reality TV, and dancing before Rumer joined.  Rumer’s moves are super sexy, and she’s more flexible than a circus freak.  Kutcher became hooked on DWTS.  Rumer isn’t his daughter.  Plus, Ashton is a serial cheater who two timed everyone he loved.  Meanwhile, Rumer is looking like a fresh faced version of Demi.  She twerked her way right to the top.  Who wouldn’t smash Ashton Kutcher?

“It was definitely weird for a minute, but you know I have to commend him,” Rumer Willis told Howard Stern . “He was a really great stepfather and the perspective shifted very quickly.”  Rumer still loves Ashton Kutcher, and they text on a regular.  Rumer also told People Magazine how she was totally intimidated my her mom’s fame, and beauty throughout her entire life.  Rumer has millions of stamps on her passport, but cannot read or write.  Demi Moore, and Bruce Willis  kids are just as weird as Jaden and Willow Smith.  Listen to Rumer Willis confess her Ashton crush below.  Let us know if you think Kutcher hit that in the comments.  We heard they forked in the past, and still fork now.