#JusticeForJessica Police Finally Have A Suspect

The Christmas holidays were drenched with tears stemming from the horrific burning of Jessica Chambers.  There are more people in Walmart, than Courtland Mississippi, so everybody is a suspect.  The sweet 19 year old beauty will not get the chance to move to the big city, or write her book.  Somebody she trusted poured gasoline down her nose, and throat.  99% of her body was burned to a crisp.  The only thing that was not burned, was the bottoms of her feet.  Then, they set her car ablaze.

Maybe cops’ minds are altered from eating so much BP oiled seafood.  There have been no arrest.  Friends, and family struggle to trust each other.  The ex- cheerleader did not live a troubling life… they claim.  The award money to find the killer is tiny.  Kim Kardashian spends more than $11,000 on monthly makeup.

Authorities won’t admit it, but her mother, Lisa Daugherty, is their #1 suspect.  They can’t think of anyone else, since the gas station attendant who saw her last, has been cleared.  While most mother’s would be grateful for ANY coverage regarding the horrendous death of their kid, Lisa slammed Anonymous for trying to help. Furthermore, Jessica’s last words before dying are rumored to be “mom”.

“Please as Jessica’s Mother I am asking you to stop all the foolish talk!! I am SICK OF IT!!! I stand behind the Panola County Sheriffs Department 100%!! Please let them do their Job!! Thank You!!!” Lisa wrote on on the Facebook page “Justice for Jessica.”

DeSoto County DA, John Champion, is haunted by thoughts of a murderer attending the community church, or tailgating at South Panola High this football season.  We need you to go HERE to sign the #JusticeForJessica petition.  Residents are wondering if cops, and local gang junkies, are in cahoots to cover up a murder.