Simon Cowell Speaks On ARTFLOP vs Beyonce – Video

Lady Gaga is one of the most talented people on the planet.  Hollywood is unfaithful, and you are too.  Little Monsters have become Smilers.  Gaga may be rolling with Versace, but everyone hates her now for some reason.  Remember that death-defying night Miley Cyrus twerked on Robin Thicke?  That was supposed to be Lady Gaga’s coming out party.  Lady Gaga is an artist, woman, or man.  Gaga’s the next Madonna, if Miley Cyrus holds her breath.

In an  interview with Kay Burley and Stig Abell, Simon Cowell had to add his 2 cents.  Simon says, fans are sick of Lady Gaga.

“I think overall this has been a really, really good year for music, I was saying that to someone last night, it’s almost as if songs have come back into fashion again.  I mean, some people have had a great year, some people have had a bad year, it’s quite interesting that after all the hype, Lady Gaga, it’s almost as if people have just had enough of it.”


“You see the Beyoncé album drop out of nowhere in the middle of the night and crash the internet.  No pre-promotion, no stupid pictures, nothing. And again, maybe this is the sign of how things are going to change in the future.”