Somebody Trying To Murder Chris Brown – Video Proof

If the hood wanted Suge Knight dead, we would have killed him while Bill Clinton was in office.  It’s very difficult to absorb, but it’s true.  Chris Brown was the intended target.  Breezy does wear a red rag, and hang with other rap gang members.  These LA streets are something serious.  The underground movie, Biggie & Tupac, accuses the LAPD of gang ties.  Did the Los Angeles Police Department murk Pac?  We’ll never know, because they fired every cop who asked questions, or suggested they follow protocol.

The Illuminati extremist claim everyone super successful  is apart of a satanic cult.  Kris Kardashian, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus-  all rumored members.  Did Chris Brown refuse ‘their’ offer of “all the kingdoms of the world, and their splendor?”  Who was Snoop rapping about in Murder Was The Case?

Biggie’s wrongful death lawsuit blast LAPD cops, Rafael Perez and his partner Nino Durden, alleging that the murder was committed in “in a very efficient, organized and professional manner, suggesting that a high degree of coordination and planning preceded his murder​.”  Attorney Perry Sanders busted LAPD  hiding police involvement.  Detective,Greg Kading agreed. – Radar

Should we blame the ‘3000 boys’ for trying to kill Breezy?  Why do they want Chris Brown dead?  Listen to Katt Williams explain what cracked.  He was there.