Sophia Vergara Slayed Britney Spears At Her Own Party

“Sofía walked into the backstage area and the room literally fell silent,” a guest at the Planet Hollywood event tells The Post. “The guys were all gawking, and the women’s eyes were on stalks. Nobody was interested in watching Britney.”

We cringe at the thought of Beyonce raping Britney Jean’s  thunder.  Mathew Knowles planned Destiny’s Child residency in Las Vegas.  Thankfully plans were deferred.  Now Mariah Carey freakishly resulted to performing in Vegas too.  Donnie, Marie- Osmond, Spears, Shania Twain, and David Blaine can either love it, or hate it.

Sophia Vergara slobbed too many knobs to be the highest paid bish on TV.  She has $40 million in endorsements alone.  She came to Las Vegas talking loud, and smiling big.  Her curves were bubbling from her Spanx, and everybody felt ugly and insecure.  Would you invite Sophia Vergara to your party?

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