Sorry Beyonce But Momma Say You Need To Retire

Beyonce is a goddess, and living legend.  She has everyone from Demi Lovato to Taylor Swift rocking glittery onesies, and taking dance lessons.  Queen Beyonce set a new beauty standard for America’s pop culture.  She taught us that we’re Flawless.  Beyonce inspired Bootyliciousness around the globe.  Her husband, Jay- Z, is a rap God.  Warren Buffet helped mold Shawn Carter into a business tycoon, but our mother suggest turning the light out.   Destiny’s Child is deader than Naomi Campbell’s edges.  Blu Ivy may end up like Miley Cyrus.  Nobody can deny- Beyonce is the shit,  She has it going on, like a pot of neck bones.  Since she’s so beautiful, rich, and famous- Momma says, she needs to retire.

We heard tea about Beyonce signing fresh young talents. Two gospel singing sisters, Chloe and Halle Bailey, and teenager,  Sophie Beem (singer-songwriter from New York).  Will Beyonce actually invest the funding to fuel they’re talents?  Will she  hire the best song writers, and beat makers?  Will Beyonce actually dedicate sufficient finances to promoting the new, raw, talent?  Momma says, that’s what she needs to do.

We’re from H-Town.  Momma watched Beyonce grow from a God fearing teen, to an industry slut.  Momma says she’s just plain sick of Beyonce.  She’s sick of them same looks, same make-up, and same old wigs.  Mom feels like it’s time Hollyweird’s has- beens, pass the torch to younger talent.  Why not give somebody else an opportunity to travel the world, and make their families’ rich?  Afterall, Diana Ross passed the torch to Michael Jackson.  Usher passed the torch to Justin Bieber.

Gisele Bunchen retired, and Kobe Bryant is caving in.  Do you agree with our Momma?  Should Beyonce move on to the next phase in life?  Will motherhood, and philanthropy, ever be Beyonce’s life mission?  Or, should the Queen keep shaking her old ass in thongs at concerts, trying to compete with ________.