Spice Girls Mel B Exposed For Forking Her Nanny

Mel B and her estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte, are some freaky mutha suckers. Mel tried to paint Stephen out as this sex obsesssed, free loader, who forced her into threesomes with beautiful women. We always doubted the validity of their showmance. Belafonte remained right by Mel’s side when she became knocked up with comedian, Eddie Murphy’s baby. We thought it was a money thing. Turns out, Stephen Belafonte, was simply Mel’s pet accomplice. Investigations prove that Mel B humped her young, beautiful, nanny’s moist kitten several times a week. The sexual tryst most times, did not include Mel’s puppet- Stephen. Lorraine Gilles met Mel when she was just 18, and they’ve been bumping clits every since.  The poochie was so good, they hired her to care for the chidren.  She’s suing Mel B, for lieing on her, and blasting her abortion scandal in these Hollyweird streets.  Did the lesbian sex grant Stehen the right to beat Mel’s ass, and beat his meat to the sex tapes?

Close: Gilles traveled with Mel to look after her children, but photos show that they were very close, and would hang out together. Gilles says that they would have sex multiple times a week

Mel B ‘taught’ her ‘naive and curious’ teenage nanny about sex and became her lover for seven years while she was married to Stephen Belafonte, explosive details contained in new court papers reveal.
The ex-Spice Girl would have sex ‘multiple times in a week’ with foreign exchange student Lorraine Gilles, then 18, and enjoyed a ‘sexual and loving’ relationship with her completely separate to her relationship with Belafonte, the papers say.
The former nanny made the claims in a defamation lawsuit filed during the couple’s turbulent divorce battle.
The bombshell revelations come after it was claimed in the suit that Mel plied the nanny with alcohol and had sordid threesomes with her. Continue>>