Spike Lee Brother Died Broke #TheStruggle

Ever heard of Christopher Lee?  We haven’t either.  Spike Lee’s baby brother, Christopher, allegedly died dead ass broke and homeless.  ‘Shadow’ never went Hollywood, he stayed Brooklyn until his death.  He and Spike fell out back in 2006, and insiders say it was over money.  Spike Lee is reportedly worth over $40 million.  Shadow told Enquirer Spike refused to help him at all.  Christopher needed a cash advance on his inherited portion of their grandmother’s land .  At the time, Christopher desperately needed the funds to prevent being evicted.  The money was under Spike Lee’s control, but Christopher ended up in the welfare line.

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“Christopher said that he begged Spike for his share of the land so he could sell it, but Spike refused to discuss it or give him an advance to keep him from becoming homeless.  Christopher said he never got a dime”, according to a family insider.

Spike is a big time Hollywood producer who pretends to be so kind, and compassionate.  He’s no philanthropist.  He’s a selfish little mitch, and bad luck for the New York Knicks.