Ssshh! Lea Michele Smashing Paris Barclay #Glee

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Don’t get us wrong, Lea Michele is almost as talented as Naya Rivera.  We suspiciously pondered Lea’s pounce to the F list.  Things are crazy in Hollyweird.  Do you think Lea Michele is down to do something strange, for a piece of change?  The competition is relentless.  Nina Dobrev is gorgeous.  Lea isn’t the most talented character on Glee, but she is the clear super-star of the show.  If you needed a contract renewal, or prime seat at an awards show- would you smash Paris Barclay?  Ignore his looks, and age.  He is director/producer/writer; SOA, of  Glee, Good Wife, In Treatment, NYPD Blue, & Extant, Manhattan.  Plus, he’s president of Director’s Guild of America.