Carrie Fisher Pimps Her Daughter To Hollywood

We’re not saying J.J. Abrams received a sexual favor for the casting of  young Leia.  Millions auditioned in England, but Billie Lourd snagged the role.  Ironically, Carrie Fisher’s daughter has been selected to play a fresh faced  Leia in Episode VII.  The saga has the world waiting.  Hollywood’s richest pedophiles, were waiting on Billie to grow up.  We’re told Billie’s even getting her hair done in buns!

Now this is the real life Star Wars.  Everyone is sick of Kris Jenner, and her trashy daughters, clogging up headlines.  Billie has no experience, no talent, and no worries.  Can you see the Kardashian resemblance, and smell the beef cooking?  This film is highly anticipated.  Carrie is a living legend, although she may smoke a primo, here and there.  Abrams is acting like Billie’s casting was his idea.  He was ordered to hire Fisher’s kid.  Not only does Billie Lourde look exactly like Carrie Fisher,  Carrie’s been eating showbiz sausage sandwiches since she was a child.  She paid her dues.

Three Generations: Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher & Billie Lourd


Coincidentally, Billie is an aspiring actress,and singer.  Her dad, Bryan Lourd, and grandmother, Debbie Reynolds, must be soaked in shame.  Why is Carrie pushing her daughter into the business?  She’s aware of  it’s dark side, and they don’t need the cash.  If she’s so concerned with her daughter’s future career in Hollyweird- why not purchase Billie her own starring slot?  Why must she be associated with Fisher’s most iconic role?  At the tender age of 21, why  must Billie Lourd be typecast as Carrie ‘crackhead’ Fisher?