Student Buys Classmate Jordans To Help Him Fit In – Heartwarming Video

Michael Jordan

In a heartwarming video, a student bought his bullied classmate some Air Jordans to help him fit in and the video is now making the rounds and proving that kindness is not dead. “I bought you some Js,” the #black student tells the bullied #white student as he opens the box and shows him the shoes. “I heard [inaudible] bullying you and stuff and picking on you.”“Are you for real?” the other student asks. “Yeah, bro. I swear, bro,” he replies. Still in shock, the bullied student says, “I don’t know what to say …” “I bought them for you, bro,” the student says. “Put ’em on, bro!” When the bullied student does try them on, they both share a hug. A female student who recorded the interaction can be heard on video saying, “I can cry right now. This is so sweet.” Take a look at this touching act of kindness and generosity! #17thsoulja #BlackIG17th #blackchildrenmatter #blackexcellenceingenerosity✨ For those of you that say why does the title have to say BLACK 🤔 the same reason the local news NEVER says white on white crime or Asian on Asian crime . Yet NEVER misses an opportunity to label a crime by race when a BLACK person is involved. So whenever a BLACK person does ANYTHING positive I’ll be sure to associate their blackness with the POSITIVE action. If you don’t like it feel free to keep scrolling or get blocked ✌🏾️

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